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Innovation, entrepreneurship and social Impact

Entrepreneurship is the engine that powers economic development and prosperity. Our planet faces numerous existential crises from climate change and poverty to underemployment and the rise of extremist ideology. These social and economic challenges require innovative solutions. By providing services such as lean launchpad and design thinking, DeftEdge supports its clients in their effort to take our societal challenges head on.

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World Food Program
Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources

Climate change is the greatest and most urgent challenge to be addressed today. It affects every aspect of human life , our security, our health, our economies. The increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters has had catastrophic effects on food and water systems that demand proactive and sustainable solutions and new ways of working and living. DeftEdge promotes solutions for the estimated 27 percent of the world population dependent on agriculture for their livelihoods. This practice also extends to school feeding and nutrition-sensitive agriculture programmes, driving solutions to malnutrition at the intersection of public health, education, and agriculture.

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Poverty, social inequality, conflict and migration disrupt access to education and leave many children, youth and marginalized groups without access to learning opportunities. Our services support innovative private and public education and education financing models to achieve SDG targets for ‘inclusive and equitable quality of education’ for all. To embody this goal, DeftEdge works across stages of development, from early childhood to adult education, as well as across contexts and groups, including displacement settings with refugees, women and persons with disabilities. Education and capacity building is also core to our approach: we seek to build organization’s knowledge and capacity to conduct and understand utilization-focused evaluations and deliver impactful programmes. This includes integrating participatory elements into our approaches, as well as providing evaluation quality assurance and results-based management services and trainings.

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Gender Equality, Empowerment and Inclusion

Understanding the multidimensional nature of poverty, including differential impacts on marginalized groups, DeftEdge moves organizations beyond checkbox exercises to ensure gender, human rights, and the principle of ‘leaving no one behind’ are integrated across a policy, programme or project’s lifecycle. Gender equality, empowerment, and inclusion are cross-cutting foci of our work, which strives to achieve gender-transformative and inclusive policies and places.

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Economic Development, Trade and Industry

DeftEdge believes that humanistic capitalism underlies economic and social empowerment of all people worldwide. DE has provided cutting-edge assistance in a range of services pertaining to new business-society compact and corporate governance to industrialization and private sector development. DeftEdge works with governments and international organizations in planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating programs aimed at promoting trade, jobs, and economic prosperity.

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Conflict, Crime prevention, and Security

Economic and social prosperity is built on a foundation of peace and security. DeftEdge has worked with numerous governments and international organizations towards this goal. DeftEdge has a comprehensive portfolio that encompasses a range of services: from countering money laundering and extremist violence to protection of vulnerable groups in emergencies, and alternative development.

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Governance, Partnerships, and Institution Development

Good governance undergirds the ability of institutions to deliver on their commitments to their donors, partners, rightsholders, and other key stakeholders. From the reform of UN development systems and design of field networks to transparency and broader institutional reforms, DeftEdge has helped its clients improve their organizational capacity and performance in over 50 countries.

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Health and Wellbeing

As Nobel laureate Paul Krugman says, "The purpose of economy is not to generate more GDP, but to ensure human happiness". Recognizing that good health is a key element for living happy and healthy life, DeftEdge established a new practice on health-related SDGs in 2020. Most notably, DeftEdge evaluated the progress the World Health Organization has made in transforming itself into a “more modern, seamless and impactful organization” for achieving the triple billion goals as outlined in its 13th General Programme of Work (13GPW) and reflected in UN’s 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

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Communication and Internet

The right to access and share information is an important aspect of the global community. Open forms of communication are necessary to identify and solve local challenges with the help of experts around the world.

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