Asean Corporate Social Responsibility Network (ACN)

Areas Impacted:
•Economic Development, Trade, and Industry
•Conflict, Crime Prevention and Security
•Governance, Partnerships and Institutional Development
•Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Social Impact
Health and Well Being
•Gender Equality, Empowerment and Inclusion
•Agriculture, Food Systems, and Natural Resources
•Internet, Communication, Etc.

The ASEAN CSR Network (ACN) was established  in 2010 with support from the ASEAN Foundation and the Japan-ASEAN Solidarity Fund, in line with the achievement of an ASEAN Community in 2015. Under the ASEAN Socio-Cultural Community blueprint, a document signed by all of ASEAN’s heads of states, ‘Promoting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)’ is identified as an integral strategy in ensuring sustainable and inclusive socio-economic development in ASEAN.

Since 2008, DE has been conducting RBM training to Sida’s partners including Asean CSR Network.