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DeftEdge undertook a final evaluation of Pact Myanmar’s women’s economic empowerment project, WORTH, a component of Pact’s broader Shae Thot programme in Myanmar, which focused on improving access to maternal and child health services, safe water, sanitation, and hygiene, food security, and finance in areas of Myanmar with limited market access. Shae Thot was the product of revitalized global partnerships, being funded and implemented by diverse non-state actors, bi-lateral and multi-lateral aid agencies, and government including UNHabitat, USAID and relevant ministries.

The evaluation generated evidence on the project’s contributions to women’s access to resources, enhanced livelihoods and transformed gender perceptions and roles at the individual-, household- and institutional-levels. Integrating qualitative, feminist and participatory approaches with quantitative analysis of standardized indices, the team collected and triangulated quantitative and qualitative data from a stratified random sample of over 800 women as well as diverse stakeholders, and provided a set of recommendations aimed at improvement of the programme for future iterations, global learning, and the development of an internal gender and social inclusion policy.

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