Xiomara Chavez

Principal Associate

Xiomara Chavez-Suarez is an evaluation and strategic planning specialist with a demonstrated history of working in the research and international development sector. She has vast experience in the implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of projects in areas ranging from sustainable agriculture and nutrition to public education. Xiomara recently was responsible for the evaluation of UN ESCAP project “Asia-Pacific Sustainable Urban Transport Systems to support the regions achievement of the 2030 Agenda” aimed at facilitating the implementation of sustainable transport policies and programs and strengthening regional cooperation. She also participated recently in the first UN system-wide Independent Meta-synthesis to enhance national, regional and international efforts to counter terrorism in the framework of the UN Global Counter-Terrorism Coordination Compact entities. She has demonstrated methodological knowledge, qualitative and quantitative, on evaluation processes with multiple stakeholders.

Study, work and travel in the United States, South East Asia, Latin America and Europe has made Xiomara adaptable to different cultures and environments. She holds a Master of Public Administration from Cornell University with a focus in International Development and a B.A in Political Science and International Relations from CIDE, based in Mexico City.