Elise Wall

Senior Associate

Elise is a monitoring and evaluation specialist with extensive international experience. Her areas of expertise include qualitative research and analysis, developing monitoring systems and gender assessments. Elise has managed internal M&E programmes for national NGOs, led data collection teams implementing mid-term and end-line evaluations, conducted a gender mainstreaming study to develop a gender monitoring system for an IFAD agriculture development programme, and worked as a qualitative expert on various evaluation studies. She also has experience with project management, organizational development, and meta-synthesis, working with a variety of organizations to ensure projects and programming are designed and adapted based on both qualitative and quantitative data and evidence. She has worked in partnership with a wide range of organizations including the UN, government agencies, and NGOs. Elise has a master's degree in International Development and Management from Lund University in Sweden and a B.A. in Global Political Economy from the University of Manitoba in Canada.