Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida)

Areas Impacted:
Innovation, entrepreneurship and social Impact
•Internet, Communication, Etc.

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency is a government agency of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs. Sida is responsible for organization of the bulk of Sweden's official development assistance to developing countries. Sida works on behalf of the Swedish parliament and government with the aim of implementing Swedish development policies. The goal is to enable people living in poverty and oppression to improve their lives. It facilitates development that prioritizses the most impoverished in the world. Sida’s vision is to safeguard the rights of every individual and their opportunity to live a dignified life.
Since 2008, DE has been contracted to conduct training on RBM for Sida’s research partners through the Framework Agreement regarding Results-Based Management (RBM). The evaluation used qualitative data analysis, interviews, training workshops, among others. DeftEdge is on its 4th framework agreement to provide training, advice and follow-up support in results-based planning, management and evaluation to Sida’s Research Partners. These partners include academic institutions, research networks, NGOs and INGOs, and a diverse range of research-related organizations (in the areas of health, agriculture, water, policy, etc.). As part of this work, over 100 missions have been conducted to more than 30 countries.

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