Sonia Rugwiro

Tech Lead, Rwanda

A well-versed and tech-savvy creative person, Sonia Rugwiro has been expanding what is possible with codes to make life more efficient.

With extensive experience in the software industry for over six years, Sonia has been successfully delivering new and innovative solutions for a myriad of different companies ranging from start-ups to big corporations with massive information technology and programming needs.

Sonia first became interested in technology in her high school years, when she was pursuing computer science and got opportunities to help young girls in her community in creating simple mobile applications, do some coding to solve issues they face in their communities using technology.

Sonia has also experience working on evaluation designs, planning, and data collection primarily focused on economic empowerment and livelihoods development for women, youth, and refugees in the region.

A strong believer in Equality and Gender Equity at the workplace. Sonia strives to support woken in her surroundings and tries to create opportunities for her fellows to develop and improve.