Areas Impacted:
Governance, Partnerships, and Institution Development
•Internet, Communication, Etc.

Since its establishment in 1948 and working with 194 Member States, across six regions, and from more than 150 offices, WHO and its staff are united in a shared commitment to achieve better health for everyone, everywhere. WHO’s guiding principle is that “all people should enjoy the highest standard of health, regardless of race, religion, political belief, economic or social condition.”

DeftEdge has been entrusted with the evaluation of WHO’s Transformation at this critical juncture in its history.

DE is currently evaluating the progress of the WHO Transformation and Status of the Implementation of the WHO Transformation Plan and Architecture to date. The WHO Transformation was launched by the Director-General upon taking office in 2017, with the goal of making WHO a modern, seamless, impact-focused Organization to better help Member States achieve the health-related Sustainable Development Goals, in the context of United Nations reform. The evaluation uses a mixed method approach - both primary and secondary sources of data including, among others, interviews, surveys and review of archival data available from WHO, Member States and other partner organizations.

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